Call of Duty WWII – Scorestreaks / Killstreaks

Scorestreaks allow you to call in support options to the battlefield, ranging from simple UAV reconnaissance to highly destructive artillery Strikes You can equip a maximum of 3 scorestreaks. Earning points in combat will reward you with your selected Scorestreaks You earn streak points by taking out other players, but this isn’t the only way to earn them. You also earn additional points for performing actions that are beneficial to your team, like completing objectives and taking out enemy air support.

Each kill earns you 50-100 points depending on the game mode while completing objectives yield better rewards, for example, capturing the enemy flag in domination gives you 150 points.

Your Scorestreaks are reset upon death.


Recon AircraftRecon Aircraft scorestreak call of duty WWII

Streak cost: 400

A recon aircraft that reveals enemies players location on the mini-map





Counter-Recon AircraftCounter Recon Aircraft WWII

Streak cost: 425

Counter-Recon Aircraft scorestreak will destroy any enemy recon aircraft or counter-recon aircraft currently activated and will block enemy recon aircraft from entering the field for a short time.





FlamethrowerFlamethrower killstreak cod ww2

Streak cost: 500 A backpack-mounted flamethrower.

A portable backpack-mounted flamethrower. Sets enemies on fire instantly.





Fighter PilotFighter Pilot scorestreak call of duty WWII

Streak cost: 525

enter the cockpit of an attack aircraft and fly a strafing run across the map with the Fighter Pilot.






Care PackageCare Package

Streak cost: 550

A Care Package is delivered on a parachute; it contains a one random Scorestreak.




Glide BombGlide Bomb

Streak cost: 650

Similar to the Predator Missile held in past games. It’s a powerful explosive that you can guide to a target.





Mortar StrikeMortar Strike

Streak cost: 750

Select A precision Airstrike upon three Targeted locations for maximum destruction.






Artillery BarrageArtillery Barrage

Streak cost: 850

Launch An artillery barrage on designated locations.




Flak Guns

Streak cost: 950

Destroy all enemy Scorestreaks and block enemies from using new ones.





Streak cost: 1000

Call in paratrooper reinforcements team to assist u.






Carpet BombingCarpet Bomb

Streak cost: 1200

An aerial obliteration bombing run that makes multiple passes over the enemy occupied territory.





Ball Turret Gunner

Streak cost: 1400

Occupy a B-17G and decimate enemies with its ball turret